Caolmhar is a swedish quartet that interprets and performs traditional Irish, Scottish and Nordic music. The group performs the music with a mix of tradition, effects and improvisation! 


Hannah Sundkvist, fiddle, mandolin och voice

Kristian Hodén, accordion

Mattias Hammarsten, guitar

Mattias Walla, viola and fiddle

Three of the members have been or are still leaders of the world’s oldest student folkmusic orchestra (V-Dala spelmanslag), founded in 1961.


Mail: +46739686355





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What does Caolmhar mean?

Well, this could be a product of! An American search engine influencing the irish language saying Caolmhar means “cheesy”. 

In fact ‘Caol’ is the Irish for slender and ‘caolmhar’ has never appeared in a dictionary. It does seem to appear in one 19th century poem, but we believe it is only a misprint of ‘ceolmhar’ which means musical. Otherwise, the poem would indicate the warrior was cheesy. 

What do you think?

“Tá cathbhile córach caolmhar cróga in aice na dtreon seo ag bord ’na shui” (The warrior is brave, cheesy and fearless….?)

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